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Login Php For Beginner

Priya Patel 0

login <?php session_start(); mysql_connect("localhost","root","") or die(mysql_error); mysql_select...

Help for beginner PHP

Priya Patel 1

Connect.php <?php mysql_connect("localhost", "$root", "")or die("cannot connect"); $a1=mysq...

C Program to Propose a girl

Priya Patel 0

/*C Program to Propose a girl*/ #include<girls.h> #include<propose.h> #define Cute ...

Android Vs iPhone: which is best? [Infographic]

Priya Patel 2

Android is now the most popular operating system among people who bought a Smartphone in the past n...

Microsoft Releases Surface Pro on 9th February 2013

Priya Patel 1

Another gadget release this year is Microsoft’s Surface Pro which will happen at the stroke of mi...

Animate Mac OS X Dashboard In Slow Motion

Priya Patel 2

You can make Dashboard appear in slow motion by pressing the Shift key when you launch or exit th...